Thursday, January 3, 2008

First Floor Construction

Dec 16, 2007

First floor construction continues with joists and rafters for the second floor, stairs, and wall enclosures.

The second floor looks to be more than sufficiently supported

My laundry room is below the stairs, with the front-loading washer & dryer literally tucked in beneath.

They cut a trap door for the subfloor access in the hall closet, also under the stairs. Little Man is making a silly face as he stands in it. He doesn't like the house. He says it's a Skeleton House. He's quite cross that it hasn't yet been painted.

The south facing walls are sheeted with Thermastrand to reflect the heat from the sun. Little Man decided to tidy up after the construction workers.

The second floor is ready for sheeting

And the rest of the first floor is nearing completion

First Floor Framing

Dec 708, 2007

Woo hoo, walls! It's starting to look like a real house now!

We even have water, to water the displaced pine tree

It seems very sturdy. My brother, a Project Manager for a commercial construction firm, remarked that there will be an earthquake, and our house will be the only one left standing.

The joists for the second floor are enormous, and held up with the biggest joist hangers I've ever seen.

First Floor Sheething

Dec 1, 2007

Dad came up for an inspection. Yes, that's my gut sticking out from behind the cooktop vent. The cooktop will be situated in the island, facing the great room. We'll be using a downdraft vent system that pulls the air through the floor and out one of the few walls that weren't sheerwalls.

Initial Framing

Nov 17-22, 2007

Once the foundation was laid, things progressed pretty quickly. Apologies for not posting more and sooner.

The garage floor was poured over the vapor barrier:

After that, they subfloor was laid:

Along with the plumbing:

Note that all of the wood used is from well-managed forests: